Idealized by Friends and former Professional Athletes, “BRASA” comes to modify the direction of formation in the transition of the young person who dreams of being a player until transforming him into a Professional Athlete.

Composed of qualified professionals we will make a total professionalization of our Training Center, aiming at the social insertion and the implantation of the work that through the creation of several categories will attend minors in the age group from 7 (seven) to 20 (twenty) years, aiming at a future next select some of these athletes for the disputes of their respective state championships.

The “BRASA” will primarily serve children from the neighborhood of Guaratiba and its surroundings, offering training in the sports modality of soccer, with accessible monthly payments, trying to keep alive the dream of countless young people and athletes in our region to become men of success through Football. So that the dream of this project is realized we need at that moment of its aid.

Being situated in a region as lacking as most of the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Even so, with dedication and overcoming, slogans of citizen awareness will welcome hundreds of young people who will have with us the opportunity to learn in football concepts of citizenship and the construction of a professional opportunity aimed at their future. We know that it is very difficult to achieve national and / or international star status in football, and at least achieve financial success in this busy and select activity.

We do not intend to train each year of the carat of our greatest idols, although it is our motivational utopia of work, but rather, to objectively give the various boys the opportunity to become men oriented and able to live in a sports society or not where their values ​​of collectivity, character and loyalty. We can not shut that hope deep in the hearts of our children, lest we be putting them in the hands of drug trafficking and criminality.

In order to join the Football Federation of Rio de Janeiro, we have to compete regularly for the official championships, and because of the high costs involved in the competitions and the enormous financial difficulties that most of our state football clubs spend, we need your structural and financial partnership to get started in this new social and sports project. Our neighborhood deserves a club at its height, and offers options of fun and socialization. This pre-project aims at the structuring of a club, rather than a seasonal team that meets only the particular interests of occasional or amateur leaders, which has resulted, and always resulted, in failure. It also proposes that this structuring be based on the concepts of club company, already defined as essential by the current sports laws, as well as creating a modern and functional physical space for the practice of recreation and socialization of its members and of all the local society, ordinary and humbler people who see in football their greatest leisure, find in the social and sportive coexistence, in the future clubhouse or even in the afternoons at the stadium, a meeting place, culture and entertainment. We stress, therefore, the importance of an attentive and interested reading of all of this pre-project, which is my own, but is of every citizen, because of its community and determinant social aspect, which can bring financial and economic factors for the region, and especially for its partners and investors, since it has the purpose of professionalizing, in our neighborhood, the most practiced and beloved sport on the planet.

We seek, therefore, to cover different interests and demands of young people by categories: SUB 09/10/11, SUB 12/13/14 and SUB 15/16/17.